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  • Lounge furniture

    sofa suites coffe tables benches armchairs and chairs
  • Office furniture

    carved desks office book cases Stationary clocks
  • Courteous furniture

    RTV commodes Gdansk cupboards accessories/ doors
  • Bedroom furniture

    Wardrobes bedrooms for couples beds
  • Kitchen furniture

    Kitchen commodes tables for chairs cupboards
  • Hunting style

    bar furniture Stationary clocks carved desks

    How to order Gdansk furniture?

    Where do you deliver furniture (towns/countries)?

    We deliver furniture to any place in Poland and in the world. Costs of delivery are calculated individually for every order and largely depend on the volume of the order. To get more information, please send an email to the address:, prociding the zip code, town, province of the place the furniture is to be sent to (in Poland) or specify the country and town (abroad), and the volume of order of your interest.

    Where can I see your furniture exhibited?

    You are welcome to visit our company in Sierakowice in Poland.

    Do you accept individually designed orders?

    YES Many customers order furniture based on individual design. In these cases we must specify in detail who furniture would look like (ornaments, carvings, dimensions, amount of drawers/ pieces/ doors, additional fittings, for instance- shelves, etc) In one case the customer ordered the ornament in the form of a bas-relief (portrait), made on the basis of the photograph. As a result, we have unlimited possibilities of design modification.

    How to order?

    All the orders are handled personally by the founder of the workshop Meble Mebs- Bartłomej Jóskowski. As a result, customers inquiries are referred to the most competent person in the area concerning Gdansk furniture, their production, delivery and maintenance.

    Direct contact for inquiries and orders: 0048 507-576-914 or: We guarantee you will receive the reply in 24 hours.

    Placing order means signing the contract including:
    1) items of ordered furniture
    2) total order value
    3) amount of the advance payment
    4) balance to pay
    5) deadline for completion
    6) furniture delivery terms and conditions
    7) wood colour variety and possible hue of leather for upholstery
    8) customer's additional expectations
    Upon signing the contract we charge 20% advance payment.

    How much do Gdansk furniture cost?

    The price depends on many factors, as a result it is not possible to elaborate one price list. In order to prepare initial price offer we have to now how many pieces are ordered, whether the design is individual or from our catalogue. In order to inquire about a given product, please call us 0048 507-576-914 or write to:

    Are the prices presented on the website net or gross?

    These are net prices, you should add 23% rate VAT tax. The prices do not include the costs of delivery.
    I found the price for a given piece of furniture on the website.

    If I order, would the price remain the same?

    All the prices available on the website are informative only, referring to single pieces of furniture in our stock. As a result, these prices may differ from the ones in individual price offer. There are many factors influencing the price, such as: numer of ordered pieces of furniture, dimensions, colours of wood, order volume, delivery conditions, deadline for completion.