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  • Lounge furniture

    sofa suites coffe tables benches armchairs and chairs
  • Office furniture

    carved desks office book cases Stationary clocks
  • Courteous furniture

    RTV commodes Gdansk cupboards accessories/ doors
  • Bedroom furniture

    Wardrobes bedrooms for couples beds
  • Kitchen furniture

    Kitchen commodes tables for chairs cupboards
  • Hunting style

    bar furniture Stationary clocks carved desks

    Meble MebS workshop

    Our company was founded more than 30 years ago, and for at least 20 year we have produced stylized carved furniture with original ornaments based on historical Gdansk furniture.

    Many years of our experience allows us to implement many other patterns with the elements of carvings with various themes and historical images, and the everlasting beatury of the furniture we deliver to the far ends of the world has impressed people for many years.

    Upon special order, we design and produce furniture using various carved motifs, not only Old Gransk ones- No task is impossible for us, sometimes we need only a photograph, a slight outline for our carving artists to produce a replica.

    At present we employ a large number of carving artists from all over Poland, and the meticulously produced furniture from oak decorate the most acclaimed sites in Poland and Europe.