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  • Lounge furniture

    sofa suites coffe tables benches armchairs and chairs
  • Office furniture

    carved desks office book cases Stationary clocks
  • Courteous furniture

    RTV commodes Gdansk cupboards accessories/ doors
  • Bedroom furniture

    Wardrobes bedrooms for couples beds
  • Kitchen furniture

    Kitchen commodes tables for chairs cupboards
  • Hunting style

    bar furniture Stationary clocks carved desks

    MebS- Manufacturer of Gdansk furniture

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    Gdansk furniture
    Mebs Bartłomiej Jóskowski
    Mirachowska Str. 6/a
    83-340 Sierakowice


    VAT ID: 589-175-94-61
    REGON: 192713828

    We speak:
    - english
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