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  • Lounge furniture

    sofa suites coffe tables benches armchairs and chairs
  • Office furniture

    carved desks office book cases Stationary clocks
  • Courteous furniture

    RTV commodes Gdansk cupboards accessories/ doors
  • Bedroom furniture

    Wardrobes bedrooms for couples beds
  • Kitchen furniture

    Kitchen commodes tables for chairs cupboards
  • Hunting style

    bar furniture Stationary clocks carved desks

    Workshop of wooden furniture / Gdansk furniture

    Furniture manufactured by artists living in 17th and 18th century, at present discovered anew to enjoy the eye of contemporary owners of stylized houses and flat. Gdansk furniture stylized as old are distinctive for the richness of ornaments. The leading motifs are the leaves of acanthus, flowers and fruit, as well as carvings and bas-reliefs connected with the sea or the town of Gdańsk.

    Gdansk furniture include, among others, stylized wardrobes, cupboards, tables with chairs, kitchen furniture and bedrooms, as well as clocks, coffee tables, ebches and armchairs. Tasteful and stylish look makes Gdansk furniture the unchangeable synonym of compfort and luxury, decorating houses, varius offices and churches.

    In Meble Mebs workshop, the beuaty goes hand in hand with reliability. These days, when almost all activities are performed by the machinery, manual work became the luxurious goods.
    We bear this in mind while designing and elaborate manufacturing of decorated furniture, according to the principles of formed craft workshops: when we work on clocks, wardrobes, desks or tables, there is no such notion as "too extensive work load".

    Bartłomiej Jóskowski
    Gdansk furniture


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